Modular Case System

You can start with this …

… and 100 modules later …

… grow like this!

Cluster is a modular case that grows with you.

It will fit your studio, it can change shape and size.

1. Rear Accessory Port

To connect Power, Audio, CV’s and signals to external outboards and other Clusters.

2. External power ports

Each Cluster module has two external power ports to power other Clusters.

3. Row Clamp

It clamps the upper row to make the assembly as solid as one body. No tools required.

4. Feet

Add two or more feet to protect your desk and to make your rack more stable.

5. Hybrid Powering System

An external switching power supply provides the raw voltage from the main outlet to the Powerbus42. Here a linear old-school power supply further cleans the juice, to give your modules the clean and stable power they want.
Fully modular, maximum flexibility.


6. Module Rails

No sliding nuts here! A single 3MA rail makes module installation a snap!

7. Side holes

Four 5MA tapped holes. To install cheeks and panels, DIY solutions are welcome too.

8. Wooden Cheeks

The natural complement for Cluster. Made of Wood, adds a warm touch to the case.

9. Accessory Rails

These rails are useful to install external accessories to Cluster. Just slide a 5MA Nut and an appropriate Screw, to install lamps, cable holders, tablet arms, etc.


Just the Right Depth

From now on the module depth is not an issue anymore. I designed the Cluster with just the right depth.
With its 110mm (4.33″) of depth it will accommodate almost any modules on the market.
From skiff-friendly factory-made modules, to beefy DIY-made ones, they are all welcome to the Cluster.


The available sizes are: 42HP, 85HP, 128HP, 171HP.

These sizes let you mix&match Cluster modules to adapt the case to your needs.


Why I designed Cluster

If you’re like me, you probably have several Eurorack modules laying around in you studio.

A new module comes in, but your case is full or you just need 2 more HPs to fit the new one in, so an old trusty module will catch some dust in a drawer. You need a module you have under your desk for your new patch, but the case is already full. Which module should you get rid of, to make space for the one you need?

Finally you decide to buy a new case, to find a home for your 4 or 5 dusty, but useful modules. A 6U will probably be full in a few months and you do not have enough space for a 3rd case, so a 9U is the only option, but it is expensive! Plus a 9U for just 4 modules seems a bit too much!

These are common issues for poor Eurorack addicts like me and you… That’s why I designed Cluster!

Cluster is a Modular Eurorack Case. It grows with you, it will fit your studio, it can change shape and size.

Now, to find a new home for those 4 modules, you can just add a row and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Easy!

If one day, you will change your mind, you can totally rearrange your Cluster, from a classic upright to an angular system. Or you may find it useful to have several subsystems in your main Cluster system. One for your gigs, one for your creative moments and one for docking the other two systems and make one big rig. With Cluster you can do it! You can detach a smaller rack from the main system in minutes without the need of any special tools!


Do you have questions about Cluster? Are you a reseller interested in carrying my products? Please drop me a line, I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.